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Object Capture Adaptive Control for Space Robot

Wang Haoying Wang Jing Wu Hongxin Liang Bin (Beijing Institute of Control Engineering,Beijing 100080)   

  • Published:2000-10-25
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    国家 8 6 3计划资助

Abstract: Kinematics of the space robot system with an attitude controlled robot is derived and the generalized Jacobian is given.Desired trajectory of the robot end effector in inertial space is planed based on the movement of the object.Kinematics and dynamics can be linearized by a set of combined parameters,the update law of the parameters is designed respectively.Adaptive control is adopted in joint space.When the dynamic parameters are unknown,the algorithm can keep asymptotic stable of the system,and the attitude of base is remained when the end effector is tracking the desired trajectory to capture the object.Planar two joint space robot is simulated to verify the validity and effectiveness of the algorithm.