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Analysis of the Operational Mechanism of the Inverted Meniscus Type Capillary Wick

Zhang Jiaxun Hou Zengqi (Institute of Spacecraft System Engineering,Beijing 100086)   

  • Published:2000-12-25

Abstract: With the study of the CPL(Capillary Pumped Loop),the operational mechanism of the inverted meniscus type capillary wick under the disturbance is investi- gated.By the analysis,it is concluded that,the decrease of the permeability of the wick is helpful to reduce the oscillation in the wick during the operation,however,very low permeability can lead to dry-out of the wick.Also,it is obtained that low porosity has a negative effect on the operation Additionally,it can be known that,the minimum capillary radius of the wick is of great importance to the working ability of the wick and the ability of the wick to dampen the oscillation during the operation.