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Smoothing and Filtering Technique for Matching Data

Zhu Jubo Ran Chengqi He Mingke (National University of Defense Technology, Changsha 410073)   

  • Published:2002-08-25
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    国家教育部高等学校骨干教师计划;; 国防预研基金资助项目

Abstract: In the problem of smoothing, filtering and predicting matching data in aerospace measurement, matching data refers that velocity parameter is differential of position parameter. By using the prior information that measuring data are matching, the design of the polynomial least square filter is improved. The resulting smoothing filter equation processes position data and velocity data at the same time. Ratio of efficiency variance is also given. Because of using of prior information, the number of parameter to be estimated is reduced, and the parameter estimation accuracy is enhanced. Simulation results show that this method can improve the parameter estimation accuracy notably when target is maneuvering.