Chinese Space Science and Technology ›› 2020, Vol. 40 ›› Issue (2): 1-.doi: 10.16708/j.cnki.1000-758X.2020.0013

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A high accuracy pointing control method for space target

FENG Tiantian,GAO Jingmin   

  1. School of Automation,Beijing Information Science & Technology University, Beijing 100192, China
  • Online:2020-04-25 Published:2020-04-26

Abstract: In order to meet the requirement of high accuracy control for satellites in space moving target pointing missions, the control method of the twolayer attitude system by the spacecraft base and fine steer mirror (FSM) are considered. The high accuracy pointing control method for space moving targets is presented. First, the position information of tracking satellite and target satellite was obtained based on the ClohessyWiltshire equation of the nearcircular orbit. Then, the multiple information fusion extended Kalman filter was adopted to estimate tracking satellite attitude. The relative attitude between tracking satellite optical axis and target satellite was calculated in real time so as to obtain the azimuth and elevation angle required for tracking and pointing control. Finally, fast and high accuracy pointing to the target satellite was realized through spacecraft base firstlayer attitude control and payload optical axis secondlayer pointing control based on FSM. Simulation results show that the proposed method can keep dynamic pointing error less than 072″. The method presented can realize high accuracy tracking and pointing control of space target and can provide technical support for space missions such as laser communication.

Key words: space target, pointing control, high accuracy, position and orientation estimation, twolayer composite system