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  1. 成都气象学院!成都610041,成都气象学院!成都610041
  • 发布日期:2000-02-25

Research on GPS Interferometry Pointing Determination

Wang Zhong Ren Suping (Chengdu Institute of Meteorology,Chengdu 610041)   

  • Published:2000-02-25

摘要: 利用多元天线阵对多颗GPS卫星信号进行测量,用最大似然估计或最大后验估计对载体的指向 (包括方位角、俯仰角) 进行最优估计。假设相位差分后,测量噪声服从均值为零的高斯分布,并对载体的指向测量进行计算机模拟,模拟结果表明该方法能达到均方根误差为0.1°的效果。此法可以将GPS应用于航天器指向的实时测量和制导。

关键词: 全球定位系统, 干涉仪测向, 研究

Abstract: According to the basic principles of GPS interferometry,this paper discusses the pointing problem of the rigid platform.With the observed carrier phasses of multi antenna linear array from multiply GPS satellites,the pointing estimation problem (including azimuth and elevation) is solved using the likelihood methods.The measured phase noise is assumed Gauss distributed,simulation results show the RMS reached 0 1°