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  1. 国家卫星气象中心!北京100081
  • 发布日期:2000-02-25

Calibration Method of Scanning Radiometer on FY-2 Satellite in Orbit

Rong Zhiguo (National Satellite Meteorology Center,Beijing 100081)   

  • Published:2000-02-25

摘要: FY- 2 在轨定标是云图定量处理的关键。首先叙述了FY- 2 可见光、红外和水汽通道的定标方法;然后介绍了星上各通道的电定标及黑体定标的过程。结果表明红外通道在轨定标曲线与实验室定标非常接近。

关键词: 气象卫星, 扫描辐射计, 气象数据, 校准, 方法

Abstract: The calibration on FY-2 in orbit is the key to the quantify analysis with the image of meteorological satellite.The calibration method of FY-2's visible,infrared and vapor channels in orbit is shown.The process of electric calibration and black body calibration of the channels in orbit is introduced.The result indicates that the infrared channel calibration curveis highly similar to the curve in the labortory.