›› 2019, Vol. 39 ›› Issue (5): 37-.doi: 10.16708/j.cnki.1000-758X.2019.0038

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 刘莉娟, 温晓东, 孙新锋, 张天平, 郭宁   

  1. 兰州空间技术物理研究所 真空技术与物理国防科技重点实验室,兰州730000
  • 出版日期:2019-10-25 发布日期:2019-10-25

High power electrodeless electromagnetic propulsion based on high density plasma: a review

 LIU  Li-Juan, WEN  Xiao-Dong, SUN  Xin-Feng, ZHANG  Tian-Ping, GUO  Ning   

  1. National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Vacuum Technology and Physics, Lanzhou Institute of Physics, Lanzhou 730000, China
  • Online:2019-10-25 Published:2019-10-25

摘要: 无电极高密度等离子体电磁推进技术已成为未来深空探测、载人航天和货运、太阳能电站以及航天器在轨服务与维护等空间任务中极具竞争力的核心推进技术之一。在梳理不同无电极等离子体电磁加速机制基础上,开展大功率无电极高密度等离子体电磁推进技术性能对比,给出新概念无电极场反构型电磁推进技术向未来超大功率拓展的优势和发展潜力,同步分析了该技术亟需解决的关键基础问题,旨在为中国新概念场反构型电磁推进技术的研发提供理论基础。

关键词: 大功率, 无电极, 电磁加速, 洛伦兹力, 旋转磁场加速, 等离子体团, 电磁推进

Abstract: High power electrodeless electromagnetic propulsion based on high density plasma has already become one of the most competitive core propulsion technologies in future space missions, such as deep space exploration, manned space flight, solar power station and onorbit maintenance and service. Based on the different acceleration mechanisms adopted in different electrodeless electromagnetic propulsion technologies, the propulsion performances of different electromagnetic propulsion technologies were compared.Then the field reversed electrodeless electromagnetic propulsion technology adopting the rotating magnetic field acceleration mechanism was analyzed,which has great advantages and potential in developing to super high power propulsion thruster. At last, the existing technical challenges confronted in developing this new conceptual thruster was presented, aiming at providing technical and theoretical supporting for the future development of the field reversed electrodeless electromagnetic propulsion technology.

Key words: high power, electrodeless, electromagnetic acceleration, iorentz force, rotating magnetic field acceleration, plasmoid, electromagnetic propulsion