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 张茗茗, 周诠, 呼延烺   

  1. National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Space Microwave, Xi′an Institute of Space Radio Technology,
    Xi′an 710100, China
  • 出版日期:2019-10-25 发布日期:2019-10-25

Lossless data hiding in JPEG2000 images with code stream mapping

 ZHANG  Ming-Ming, ZHOU  Quan, HU  Yan-Lang   

  1. 西安空间无线电技术研究所 空间微波技术国家级重点实验室,西安710100
  • Online:2019-10-25 Published:2019-10-25

摘要: 遥感图像经过飞行器JPEG2000压缩编码传输到地面,在传输过程中有时需要搭载其他一些遥测信息,将附加信息嵌入到压缩文件中。对JEPG2000的数据结构进行了研究,将压缩文件的数据部分变换成图像并将其分块,统计256个灰度值,找到出现次数最多的灰度值以及次数为0的灰度值。将这些灰度值所对应的字节进行映射,不同的灰度值代表不同的二进制秘密信息。接收端通过映射将秘密信息提取后,再将载体更改后的字节恢复。隐藏容量平均有了500bit的提升,载密图像的PSNR大于30dB,同时载体数据仍然可以无损恢复。试验结果说明,该算法可以无损地实现JPEG2000图像的信息搭载,同时文件没有膨胀。

关键词: JPEG2000, 压缩域, 无损信息隐藏, 码流映射, 遥感图像

Abstract: Remote sensing images are compressed in JPEG2000 standard and transmitted to ground by aircraft, while some other telemetry data is needed in transmission and additional data is embedded in compressed files. The author researched JPEG2000 data structure and transformed the data part of the compressed file into an image and blocked it, and then made statistics on 256 gray values to find gray values with the most occurrences and zero occurrence. Corresponding bytes of these gray values were mapped to represent different binary secret data. Receiver extracted secret data by mapping and recovered host modified bytes. Hiding capacity has an improvement of average 500bits, PSNR of marked images are larger than 30dB,and host data can still be restored losslessly. Experimental results show that this scheme can realize lossless information carrying in JPEG2000 images and file expansion does not occur.

Key words: JPEG2000, compressed domain, lossless data hiding, code stream mapping, remote sensing images