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 于博, 张敏, 余水淋, 康小录   

  1. 1电子科技大学 信息地学研究中心,成都611731
  • 出版日期:2019-10-25 发布日期:2019-10-25

Investigation of the Sband electromagnetic wave attenuation by the Hall thruster plume

 YU  Bo, ZHANG  Min, YU  Shui-Lin, KANG  Xiao-Lu   

  1. 1Center for Information Geoscience, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu 611731,China
    2Shanghai Institute of Space Propulsion, Shanghai 201112,China
    3Research Center of the Space Engine Engineering and Technology in Shanghai,Shanghai 201112,China
  • Online:2019-10-25 Published:2019-10-25

摘要: 霍尔推力器羽流对S波段电磁波信号有衰减作用,这对星上推力器与天线的布置策略有重要影响。为研究S波段电磁波的衰减程度,建立几何光路算法,对电磁波在等离子体羽流媒质中的传输衰减进行数值描述,并以试验所测的信噪比数据来验证算法精度。验证试验采用空间透射波法,在相同工况的试验与计算结果对比中,最大计算误差为26.1%,平均误差为7.3%;在趋势上,试验结果与计算结果保持一致。在此基础上,针对84个在轨典型工况进行S波段电磁波信噪比衰减计算,结果显示:羽流对电磁波的吸收作用是影响衰减的主要因素,衰减最大区域出现在天线位置0.3~0.6m、方向角15°~30°的区域,衰减值在-7~-4dB之间。该结果可为霍尔推力器与天线在卫星的布置提供参考依据。

关键词: 霍尔推力器, 羽流, 几何光路, S波段, 电磁波衰减, 电推进

Abstract: The Hall thruster plume exerts an attenuation influence on Sband electromagnetic wave and plays an important role in the layout strategy of the thruster and antenna on the satellite. In order to study the law of the signal attenuation, an algorithm of geometric lightpath was established to numerically describe the transportation of electromagnetic wave in Hall plume. A rectification test of the algorithm accuracy was conducted, and the signalnoise ratios (SNR) were measured by the method of wave transmission in space. According to the test and calculation results at same operation cases, the maximum relative error was 26.1%, and the average relative error was 7.3%. The calculation results kept qualitatively consistent with the test results. Based on those, the 84 typical operation cases of the SNR attenuation of the Sband electromagnetic wave were computed. The calculation results show that the absorption by plume exerted a more remarkable effect than the reflection on signal attenuation, and that the max attenuation region covered the antenna position of 0.3-0.6m,the direction angle of 15°-30°, and the attenuation value of SNR between -7dB and -4dB. This paper provides a reference base for the layout strategy of the thruster and the antenna on satellites.

Key words: Hall thruster, plume, geometric light path, S band, the electromagnetic wave attenuation, electric propulsion