›› 2014, Vol. 34 ›› Issue (2): 45-53.doi: 10.3780/j.issn.1000-758X.2014.02.006

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 赵启龙1, 肖余之1, 刘鲁江2   

  1. (1上海宇航系统工程研究所,上海201109)(2上海航天技术研究院,上海201109)
  • 收稿日期:2013-06-03 修回日期:2013-08-16 出版日期:2014-04-25 发布日期:2014-04-25

Mechanism and Protection Scheme of Physical Tabling in Spacecraft Interface

 ZHAO  Qi-Long1, XIAO  Yu-Zh1i, LIU  Lu-Jiang2   

  1. (1AerospaceSystemEngineeringShanghai,Shanghai201109)
  • Received:2013-06-03 Revised:2013-08-16 Online:2014-04-25 Published:2014-04-25

摘要: 在某航天器研制过程中,发现了分离面镀膜后因非冷焊因素导致不能分离的现象。为探究该现象的产生机理、影响因素和防护方案,将铝合金试片表面分别进行不处理、本色阳极氧化处理、涂覆二硫化钼处理、光亮镀金处理和光亮阳极氧化处理后,两两配合加压,高真空条件下静置一段时间后,在常温常压条件下进行分离试验,如果试片未分离,重新采用新试片在变温常压条件下静置一段时间后,进行分离试验,分析各试片表面形貌变化和元素转移等情况。试验发现未分离试片因对接面上存在大量细小的凹凸纹路彼此机械咬合引起不能分离,试片镀膜硬度和表面粗糙度是产生物理嵌合的直接原因。从而,提出了航天器无相对运动的分离面需选用硬度较大、粗糙程度较低镀层的防护措施,并通过试验进行了验证。

关键词: 分离面, 物理嵌合, 机理, 防护, 航天器

Abstract: It is found that coated spacecraft interfaces separate unsuccessfully despite without cold welding during the spacecraft manufacturing.To investigate the mechanism, effective factors and protection scheme of the phenomenon an experiment was carried on. In this experiment, the aluminium alloys blocks which were coated with nothing, colorless oxidation, MoS2, bright gold plating, and white anodic film respectively were pressed together in pairs, and placed in a high vacuum tank immovably for a period of time. And the separating force between the blocks was tested outside the immovably high vacuum tank. If the experimental blocks were separated unsuccessfully, new copies were placed immovably in the natural pressure and several different temperatures for a period of time.Then the separating force was tested, and the shape changing and element transfering conditions of the interfaces were analyzed. The experiment result shows that there′s much tiny concavo-convex grain in the interface of the blocks. Because of the interlocked grain, the blocks have separated unsuccessfully. Hardness and roughness of coating is the immediate cause of this phenomenon,which is called physical tabling. For immovable spacecraft interfaces, a protection method that the coating should be harder and smoother was proposed and validated.

Key words: Interface, Physicaltabling, Mechanism, Protection, Spacecraft