›› 2015, Vol. 34 ›› Issue (6): 1-7.doi: 10.3780/j.issn.1000-758X.2014.06.001

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魏凤美, 赵育善, 师鹏   

  1. (北京航空航天大学宇航学院,北京100191)
  • 收稿日期:2014-05-15 修回日期:2014-06-16 发布日期:2014-12-25

Variable Universe Self-tuning Fuzzy PID Controller of Attitude Maneuver for Flexible Spacecraft

WEI  Feng-Mei, ZHAO  Yu-Shan, SHI  Peng   

  1. (School of Astronautics, Beihang University, Beijing 100191)
  • Received:2014-05-15 Revised:2014-06-16 Published:2014-12-25

摘要: 建立了带有太阳翼的挠性航天器的姿态动力学模型,应用改进的罗德里格参数来描述姿态运动学模型。针对挠性航天器模型参数不确定性和环境干扰等问题,提出了变论域自整定模糊比例积分微分(PID)控制方案,构建了计算简单并且可以达到控制精度的伸缩因子。基于Matlab/Simulink进行了仿真验证,结果表明,变论域自整定模糊PID 控制响应速度比传统PID控制、模糊PID控制快350s,且无超调,不仅能够使航天器完成对目标姿态的机动,而且能够有效地抑制挠性太阳翼的振动。

关键词: 挠性航天器, 姿态机动, 变论域, 自整定, 模糊比例积分微分

Abstract: The attitude dynamical equations of flexible spacecraft with solar panels were established,and the attitude kinematic equations were described by modified Rodrigues parameters (MRPs)in orderto preventthe singularity of thelarge angle maneuver. A variable universeself-tuning fuzzy PID controller was proposed for model uncertainties and environmental disturbances. A new shrinkable factor was designed, and it was easy to calculate and could achieve the accuracy. Numerical simulation based on Matlab/Simulink shows that the response of the variable universeself-tuning fuzzy PID controller are 350s fasterthan that ofthe conventional PID and fuzzy PID controllers,and thatit has no vershoot and can realize the effective control of attitude maneuver and effectively suppress the vibration of solar panels.

Key words: Flexible spacecraft, Attitude maneuver, Variable universe, Self-tuning, Fuzzy