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 王巍, 郑世贵, 常洁   

  1. 北京空间飞行器总体设计部,北京100094
  • 收稿日期:2018-11-13 修回日期:2019-02-28 出版日期:2019-08-25 发布日期:2019-06-24
  • 作者简介:王巍(1972-),男,博士,高级工程师,研究方向为空间碎片
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Design and high velocity impact test verification of flexible space debris protection shield

 WANG  Wei, ZHENG  Shi-Gui, CHANG  Jie   

  1. Beijing Institute of Spacecraft System Engineering, Beijing 100094, China
  • Received:2018-11-13 Revised:2019-02-28 Online:2019-08-25 Published:2019-06-24

摘要: 充气展开密封结构是未来空间站以及大型空间居住舱的理想构建形式,其外蒙皮由气密层、增强层、微流星体和空间碎片防护层、辐射保护层以及热控层组成。为了既满足对空间碎片的防护,又满足折叠、收纳以及展开的要求,空间碎片防护层需要采用多层冲击防护结构设计。基于多层冲击防护结构,采用国产的玄武岩纤维材料和芳纶织物的特性参数,根据弹道极限方程设定了柔性空间碎片防护层的设计参数,并通过高速撞击试验对根据设计参数生产的试验件进行了试验验证,试验结果与柔性多层冲击防护结构的弹道极限方程吻合较好。

关键词: 多层冲击结构, 空间碎片, 防护层, 柔性防护结构, 充气展开密封结构

Abstract: Inflatable and deployable space module is the most desired for future space stations and space structures. The outer shell of such inflatable module is made up of several layers for debris protection, seal and thermal control. In order to protect the module from the debris and make it easy to be packaged and deployed, the outer protection shields of such modules were designed to be made of polyurethane foam and some kinds of fabrics. This paper proposes a design of such flexible and inflatable protection shield based on the multishock structure. The parameters of such shields are determined by homemade Basalt fiber and aromatic polyamide fiber. Before test verification, the design parameters of such debris shield are determined by simulation based on multishock structure and such ballistic limit equation. And then High Velocity Impact (HVI) test program was conducted to verify that the design parameters can meet the design requirement of the inflatable and deployable structure.

Key words: multishock structure, space debris, protection shield, flexible protection shield, inflatable and deployable space module